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Justin Crudden

I am the only qualified Equine MLD Therapist in Ireland. I qualified as an MLD therapist in 2011 and did my training with the Vodder School International in New York and Miami. The Vodder School is renowned worldwide as the gold standard in MLD training. I recently completed my training in Equine MLD in Austria. My background is in healthcare where I have nearly 20 years experience working as a Radiation Therapist in Ireland, Australia and the UK.

Being professionally trained is essential as EMLD is a very specialised technique and if not done correctly could lead to serious harm for the horse - it is a very light but powerful treatment. It is important that therapists are fully qualified by a recognised school and have experience working with people before horses. It is an offence for any person,other than the owner of the animal,to treat an animal unless veterinary consent is obtained. A veterinary consent form is available to download from the 'Contact' section. I am fully insured through Balens Insurance Ltd and available nationwide.